How To Password Protect A Folder In Windows 10


This is an age when data security & privacy is of paramount importance, considering we hear news of data leaks & hacks all the time.  There are changes to the application lifecycle to accommodate the need to notify applications when a user’s CE storage is unlocked in response to first entering credentials at the lock screen, or in the case of work profile providing a work challenge Devices running Android 7.0 must support these new APIs and lifecycles regardless of whether or not they implement FBE.

However, that (for me right now) is overkill — I prefer to encrypt only specific folders & subfolders, or specific files — for that AxCrypt is what I use (I would lke to see some choice as encrypt folder windows 7 to other algorythms other than AES to use, like TwoFish or Serpent), but until I can find an opensource program that does that, and is as polished as AxCrypt, I’m sticking with AxCrypt.

Tip: Once you have uninstalled Folder lock by the aids of Windows Add/Remove utility, you should also remove the registry keys and associated files of Best Folder Encryptor from the PC. The undesirable leftovers not only are the reasons for the overloaded disk spaces, but also have the ability to drastically decrease the system performance and result in unpredictable damage to Windows registry.