PCI Compliance Guide Frequently Asked Questions

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I went back to Kaspersky and that is where I plan to stay. Kaspersky has been around for a long time and they have a great track record. I have it on my Android phone as well. I do not download pirated or dangerous applications but many people have been hit by flyby malware just browsing the web. Remember the one that claimed to be the FBI and highjacked people’s computers? My daughter got hit with that one.

Your information is valuable, not just to yourself, but also the bad guys. There’s a whole underground marketplace where stolen credit card numbers, bank login details, and other personal information worry free business security advanced is for sale. Being careful can help avoid having your data fall into the wrong hands, but being vigilant can tip the odds considerably in your favor. That’s where AV software comes in.

The first fact to remember is that the research data belongs to the University of Pittsburgh and not the researcher. It has become common practice to store some level of personal information in the Cloud with services such as Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, , Evernote, Office365, and Amazon. Using such services can often result in cost savings; however, special attention must be paid to potential security risks, export control restrictions, and data ownership issues.

PCI DSS compliance entails meeting all of the 12 requirements. The sub-components required vary depending on how a given Merchant handles/processes credit cards and how the Merchant organization/environment is structured. These Merchant entities determine which of the nine Self Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ) applies to the Merchant’s Organization. The applicable SAQ then defines which sub-components are required. This can vary from 14 to 347 sub-components, depending on the SAQ (A thru D-SP). It looks pretty daunting and it can be.